About SRON Earth programme

Watchful eyes over our planet

General info

SRON is the Dutch national institute for space research. Its earth observation program focuses on research into climate and air quality. SRON’s scientists and engineers develop space missions around these topics, in collaboration with knowledge institutes, industry and international space agencies. We also develop algorithms and make the satellite data usable for applications to actually do the science: gaining insight into greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of aerosols.

The importance of our research


With our research, we aim to contribute to a global reduction of greenhouse gases and clarify the effect of aerosols in the atmosphere. We are the watchful eyes over our planet and support climate science in an innovative way.

SRON collaborates with climate researchers and modelers to develop physical instruments and promote scientific activities. As leader of these collaborations, we establish valuable partnerships with organizations such as the UN, ESA and NASA. A network of partners and universities helps to accelerate the feasibility of our ambition and sustainably connect funding partners to our research projects.

We share data from earth observation space instruments in an open and honest way and make it freely and easily accessible to everyone. We work hard on new experimental datasets and continuously improve the link between science and data processing.

Through our expert interpretation of geophysical data products from satellite measurements, scientists can infer the global distribution of sources and sinks of greenhouse gases and air polluting gases. This gives SRON a strong advisory role in climate policy and research and enables us to improve international climate goals.

  • Aaldert van Amerongen

    Head of the SRON Earth Observation Program
  • Andrew Barr

    Scientific Researcher
  • Bastiaan van Diedenhoven

    Senior Scientist
  • Berend Schuit

  • Bram Maasakkers

  • Gijs Leguijt

    PhD student
  • Guangliang Fu

  • Ilse Aben

    Senior Scientist
  • Jochen Landgraf

    Senior Scientist
  • Julia Wasala

  • Matthieu Dogniaux

    Postdoctoral Scientist
  • Mari Martínez Velarte

    Postdoctoral Scientist
  • Manu Goudar

    Atmospheric Scientist
  • Maud van den Broek

    Software Engineer
  • Otto Hasekamp

    Senior Scientist
  • Peter Sterk

    Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Pieter Rijsdijk

    PHD Student
  • Raul Laasner

    Computational Scientist
  • Richard van Hees

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Sha Lu

  • Shubham Sharma

    Postdoctoral Scientist
  • Stijn Naus

    Postdoctoral Scientist
  • Tobias Borsdorff

  • Tobias de Jong

  • Zihao Yuan


Interested in adding value to climate change?

SRON has about 200 employees. They form a melting pot of top (instrument) scientists, engineers and other professionals of various nationalities and ages. They inspire each other to push the boundaries of technology and knowledge. Problems faced by scientists challenge sensor developers to construct increasingly more sensitive technology. Together with mechanical and electrical engineers they ultimately develop a scientific space instrument with an exceptional level of performance under the extreme conditions of space. The scientific breakthroughs made with such devices in turn inspire new research and new technology. This approach has enabled SRON to develop into an internationally renowned expertise institute.

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