SRON and Dutch climate envoy at World Energy Congress

19 april 2024 News

On April 24th, Aaldert van Amerongen (head of SRON Earth Observation) will participate in a panel discussion on methane emissions at the 26th World Energy Congress in Rotterdam. The Dutch climate envoy His Royal Highness Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme also takes part. The session is titled: “Net zero methane by 2030: a new outlook for oil and gas?”

During the session five participants discuss what it will take to quickly reduce global methane emissions. Methane is responsible for about 30% of total global warming since the Industrial Revolution. Van Amerongen emphasizes that monitoring from space is essential. Every week, SRON discovers dozens of large methane leaks around the world with the Dutch satellite instrument TROPOMI. ‘These can be closed with existing technology at low cost,’ says Van Amerongen. ‘Methane provides the fastest path to Near-Term Warming Reduction while we must keep reducing CO2 emissions at the same time.’ In 2027, ESA will launch the TANGO satellite combination, built by a Dutch consortium, which will zoom in on emitters of methane and CO2.


09:00- 10:00 – Wednesday 24th April


With renewed emphasis on an all-levers collaborative approach, what is needed to realise rapid deep methane emissions reductions?

  1. HRH Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme, Count of Bardi, Climate Envoy of the Netherlands
  2. Aaldert van Amerongen, Head of the Earth Observation Program, Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON)
  3. Daniel Zavala-Araiza, Senior Scientist, Environmental Defence Fund
  4. Olamide Atoyebi, Future Energy Leader at the World Energy Council; Field Engineer, SLB

Moderated by: Simon Ferrie, Editor Asia-Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa, Petroleum Economist      

Session manager: Anna Juliet Stephens and Simon Marshall, World Energy Council

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